STEP Parts Now

Your partner in the production of the highest quality, additive manufactured parts on-demand.


3D Printing is the shortest path between your ideas and a functional part in your hands. It can also be a strong ally at the early stages of product development.

STEP technology is the only 3D printing process that delivers parts with fidelity and properties near injection-molded quality and provides you with a seamless transition from prototype through production.

STEP Parts Now is your vehicle to access the benefits of STEP today. 

More Than A Parts Business

STEP Parts Now is more than parts as a service. It’s about access to specialized expertise and the only 3D printing technology today that delivers the fidelity, surface finish, accuracy, and material properties required to reliably and repeatably print end-use parts at scale. You can experience all the benefits of STEP, while letting us do the work.

Unique Applications
& Materials

Are you ready to launch a new product or improve on an existing one? Our product engineering experts will work with you to optimize your designs for better performance, fit and function before manufacturing.

Evolve has extensive market and application expertise in part design and manufacturing for STEP, including:  

  • Automotive
  • Badging & Emblems
  • Electronics
  • Outdoor & Recreation
  • Fluid & Airflow
  • Consumer Goods
  • Medical Device

Evolve offers the following thermoplastic materials:

  • ABS – Black & Gray
  • Nylon PA-11(A)

The STEP Difference

Feature Fidelity: 13 μm layers and 22 μm particles produce strong, high-resolution parts.
Surface Finish: Ultra smooth surface finish from smaller particles; 3-6 μm Ra as-printed.​

Repeatability: Highly accurate prints, from part-to-part and build-to-build​.

Mechanical Properties: Engineering-grade thermoplastics produce high-performance parts. 

A User-Friendly
e-Commerce Portal

Your business is demanding. That’s why we provide solutions throughout the lifecycle of your investment and approach each project with a work ethic that blends collaboration, communication and efficiency.

Our Process is Easy!

We offer an intuitive e-commerce portal that enables seamless file upload, instant quoting and project tracking.

Accepted files include: stl, urml/wrl, step/stp, 3mf or amf.

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  • Upload files for an instant quote
  • Pay online and track status of orders
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