Real Material Solutions for Irrigation

Our commercial ABS material is ideal for commercial irrigation applications. This material has high impact strength, it does not degrade in water, and it is fully dense for pressurized, water-tight uses.


  • Water-tight for leak-proofing
  • Excellent dimensional stability in a range of environments
  • Good impact resistance / toughness
  • Heat-stable up to 60℃ (140F)
  • Hydrolytically stable up to 70℃ (158F)
  • pH stable in acidic or basic environments


  • Eliminate tools that need storage / warehouses
  • Reduce shipping time / cost from tool maker
  • Minimize shipping time from factory to customers

Irrigation Advantages

Unique valving designs, spray patterns, smart sensors

Ease of tracking: parts serialized and labeled

Sustainability: Toolless and distributed manufacturing

Assembly consolidation

Allows production of intricate and new designs
for manufacturers that want to conserve and
reduce water usage while improving customer satisfaction