Production Acceleration Center

Accelerate your Production

Our dedicated team of Application, Material, and Process Engineers will consult with you and your team to determine the needs and goals of your organization. We are able to assist your team with the following: Pre-sale, Post-sale, Application changes over the lifecycle of the project, Process control, Materials Science.

Our PAC provides the space, infrastructure, and expertise to support you in your path to STEP produced parts. This is where your 3D prints for the Production Assessment Program are built. Following that program you may want to validate a larger number of parts which we can print here or work with our production partners. Or, you may wish to purchase limited time on the system to produce parts, learn more or accelerate your production as a facility bridge after you have purchased an SVP but before your facility is ready. Our PAC provides many flexible options to help you accelerate your agile business.

Production Validation
After Production Assessment Program, you may wish to continue to validate a larger, but limited volume through our facility. The PAC can provide the facility and expertise you need.

Facility Bridge
Build-out of your facility can be a time limiting factor. This offering allows you to order your SVP but make use of ours while your facility is readied. Take advantage of that time to learn how to run the system and produce parts so you can hit the ground running.

Application and Production Acceleration
On a space-available basis, Lease one of Evolve’s SVP systems to prove out your application and get production ready for your SVP or through one of our production partners.

Emerging R&D Applications
Lease time on our system and utilize our personnel to drive cutting-edge applications or development. Stretch our limits and yours.

Consulting Services

Evolve Creator™ Recipes
Advanced Software Training
Advanced Evolve Factory™ Integration
Customer Development Agreements

Application Services

Designing for STEP
Customer Applications for Manufacturing
Evolve Creator™ Process Recipes and Slicing Strategies
Optimizing your part builds